TrainMreck – GGJ 2020

A new decade and a new GGJ. This year me and my good game jam friend jammed alone and put our designer brains together.

Our brainstorming turned up an idea where you were supposed to keep a train going despite very (very) rapidly declining components constantly slowing the train down.

Trainmreck was first thought to be a CO-OP game but despite being supported we cut the game to singleplayer in the end to make a bit more fluent.

I was the main programmer of this project, working on:

  • Dynamic spawning of “rolling” backgrounds/foregrounds.
  • “Components” that break with different repair needs.
  • “Inventory” system that only hold one kind of tool needed for repairs
  • Repair system checking player tool and component needs.
  • Highscore system.

The game turned out to be quite fun and as always its such an experience to once again to attend to GGJ!
If you want to know more about the game contact me or check out the game:

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