Escape From Aisle Four GGJ2019

Another year, another Global Game Jam.

This years theme was “A feeling of home” and we instantly started to come up with funny twists on that subject. As a team of 5 we realized that something at home that everyone don’t want to but there is something that can do it for you. And what is that? Roombas!

Escape from Aisle Four is based on the deep lore that every roomba turned evil. And now somehow is outfitted with knives. You the only survivor need food, and the local store is very dark. The game essentially ended up to a be arcady roomba horror survival game.

We had 3 design/programmers on the team so we focused on having fun instead of making something mechanically advanced.
I focused on fixing the roombas, their spawn and their movement pattern. I then later fixed a high-score system and the loading-screens/restart system.

The game is played with the arrow-keys and your goal is to find “Lars Bars”. These give you points, and you are supposed stay alive in the random generated store.
The Roombas spawn endlessly and with your limited “dark” view, it actually gets pretty hard as the game progresses!

lars bar

We were very happy with the result of the game and even think it was fun to play!

If you wanna test the game its available here:

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