Bactherum Etherum

Bactherum Etherum is a experimental project of mine aiming to see some kind of artificial dynamic behavior .

The basics of the simulation consist of 5 base bacterias spawn on the “map”. Then the game loops through every existing bacteria via a tick system and doing certain tasks for them, like:

  • Check adjacent position
  • If adjacent position is empty, the bacteria has a chance to grow to that position
  • If the adjacent position is not empty the bacteria checks the positon if its a friend or foe
    • If its a foe, it will attack this bacteria. If that bacteria reaches 0 HP its will be deleted after this tick.
  • If the bacteria grows, the bacteria that spawned has a chance to mutate, changing its Attack, HP, growchance etc etc.

Via these simple variables, the simulations create sprawling images of bacterias fighting for their survival, growing, attacking, falling back, or just persihing to the horde that grows next door.

If you are intressted in seeing the simulation for yourself, contact me!

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