I am a Swedish 24 year old that love games.
Developing is as fun as playing a game, although one is more challenging, but hey life is full of challenges isn’t it?

I’m a gamer at the core but  i also enjoy music, which unfortunately have been put aside as i focus on games. When i play games i play everything that catches my attention, but my absolute favorite genres are strategy, RPG and FPS.

I love working in groups that have ambition as it pushes me to do my best. I work with structure and try to keep it as long as possible, but I am adaptable to changes which is essential in game development.

“My goal as a game developer is to positively influence players that play a game that i’ve developed or helped in any way.”

Email me if you got any questions!

Me and Chris Avellone at SGC 2015, Photo by Sebastian Bularca