Roena Universalis: Prophecy – Fantasy Mod

Me and my friend is working on a total conversion fantasy mod “Roena Universalis: Prophecy” for Europa Universalis 4. The world is a project that he created and together we are working to see it fully realized in the Clausewitz engine.

My work has mostly consisted of getting the back-end source-control working, coming up with plausible concepts, writing design docs and implementing some mechanics for the starting continent (through country flags and events). We want to fill the entire world so there will be alot of expansion possibilities over the next few years.

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I have done some work on the map like assigning history, making rudimenatry tradenodes, and working with the height and normal map to make interesting visuals.
Lately I have also started working on event chains, triggered modifiers and form-able nations.

We have yet decided the name or the release date for our first implementation but we want to work out solid base to build the whole world upon!

The first implementation of the trade-nodes for RU are done: