The second school project during 10 weeks. Copoka is a Unreal 4 game were you play as a bird in a city on the verge of a rebellion. The game was released as a Humble Original July 2016 which the team is extremely proud of, and we even released it on Steam.

The project was very structured and we had a very ambitious team that poured hours into making the game as great as possible. With the help of Slack, HackNPlan we had a good communication and overview what everyone did.

I sat as the Level/World Designer from the start and worked 6-7 weeks straight on making the world alive and realistic. At the same time i was the one sorting our content in engine and also made to-do lists for the GFX team.

From the start the inspirations was collected down into a very simple sketch that was translated into a heightmap. With the heightmap i was able(with the help of my awesome team) to place buildings and paint the world as i liked. The world was separated into different areas that I worked on, one at a time. If creativity for one area disappeared I changed focus and started working on others to maximize my work.

Later in the projects i gave the detail work to the GFX team,  while i helped with fixing bugs, making tutorials, blueprint work and polishing the game overall.

Below this you will see a gallery of my work in the game, the last pictures is how the world looked when I stopped working on detailing.


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