Raw Transmission GGJ2018

During Global Game Jam 2018 i was part of the game Raw Transmission.
The game itself was a stupid joke, but it was very fun to develop even though we didn’t finish everything.
The game in its most basic form was a endless bicycle scroller. The goal was to get points and not to get caught by the police. The scroller was 3D chunks with both 3D and 2D assets.

My role was to program most of the systems in the game. After we had our idea, i started with our input and then went on the generation of chunks. Via a script provided of one our designers i could implement a simple rework to make it work with 3D prefabs instead of 2D. From there we had a endless row of square chunks generating. From that i added spawn points for different objects we wanted. This system took a list of points and a list of objects to spawn and then spawned one of those objects on the point. The system included scene objects like houses, crowds of people and roadblocks/cars.
We could then scan from bike which objects were in front of us to determine if certain events should trigger.

By the end of the Jam we got the basics working, but almost no of the real fun flavor was added, which made the game feel very basic and boring.



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