Treasure Trail

A school project made during 10 weeks, Treasure Trail is a tiled based puzzle game. The goal of the game was to hit each tile before you could finish the puzzle.

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I worked as the lead-designer which mostly consisted of creating the puzzles and implementing them into our custom game engine.

I was in charge of prototyping and developing as many levels as possible, with the help of others designers. Then I would combine everyone’s level to do a number of tests to determine which ones were the best. At the same time to help our level pipeline I coded a converter which made us designers able to make levels in Gamemaker and them convert them over to our custom engine. This saved time as we didn’t need time to develop a custom level editor which benefited the whole team. 

I was in charge of some basic user testing with formulating questions and analyzing the data with got from user-tests. With these tests we got valuable information about what mechanics worked, and which didn’t. We also got some good feedback about certain levels which was changed to the better.

As this was the first project for many of us, the management wasn’t superb, but in the end it ended up with a product we were proud of.

Contact me if you want to download and test the game.