Block The Mine – Boardgame

“On an uncharted planet, two mining companies have discovered resources that would secure their economic dominance in the galaxy. When they launch their mission to acquire it, both companies have sabotaged each other’s targeting computers. Now both have their equipment spread out over the planet and they need everything to be able to start shipping the resources. It’s up to you to build a secure road between the resources and equipment, but be aware, the other company has the same goal!”

This board game was part of a course at Högskolan I Skövde. I was the designer from the ground up and had a playable and fun game in the end.

The game is a blend of card game and a board “build your own way” game. Different card had different effects to the game but the base card was “roads” that you needed to connect to a goal. At the same time you build a road, you have to prevent your opponent for reaching the same goal. This opened up a lot of strategic and tactical choices within the game.

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